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Please read our view on standards for what we want ridemeisters to be able to offer to guests who will book you for their ultimate cycling adventure with you.

Our standard is always the best ride. Therefore ridemeisters are bad ass cyclists owning their space. They have a track record in cycling and share an engaging and hospitable approach to life and others. They are full of personal cycling experiences and local know-how, on & off the bike, which they love to share with their guests.

Ridemeisters ‘meister’ routes with an absolute guarantee to guide everyone through the best roads, trails and gravel their area has on offer. They are connoisseurs and connected with local cycling culture; from coffee bars, restaurants to cycling shops; you have it covered.


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If you’re a pro, an ex professional cyclist or highly skilled in cycling through other related activities, and you feel that you will make a great ridemeister for your guests, please send us an email at

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