Carlo Cesar

With Carlo as your ridemeister you will ride through Tuscany with an ex sprinter of the infamous Dutch national track sprint team. After several years in the Dutch ‘bullet train’ Carlo closed his pro cycling career and after some years working for the Dutch Cycling Federation emigrated to Tuscany where he now resides on the countryside.

The countryside lifestyle means that he swapped the track cycling gym for hard work on the land and in the woods. Carlo also works for an international cycling clothing brand and as a track cycling coach for the Italian federation overseeing Tuscan juniors, aiming to guide them to the Italian national team and a professional track cycling career.

Riding with Carlo means immersing in the Tuscan culture, and not just the one you read in Lonely Planet. Your coffee or lunch stop will be anything you could wish for in Italy and Carlo’s local hotspots are often run by his personal friends. Enjoy your afternoon sandwich at that roadside bar fan to locals, where you will likely be the only foreigner. Not to worry, your ridemeister is fluent in Italian.

Integrated in local culture, Carlo is the perfect mix between ex pro and local hero. He is a ridemeisters with a passion for the local history and culture. Take a look at his special rides which will include storytelling about the Tuscan renaissance history if you like. Enjoy Carlo’s expertise, passion and stories.

For several years, Carlo has been part of the infamous Dutch ‘bullet train’ track team.

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