Ed Clancy

Hello, I am Ed.

I’ve spent nearly 20 years riding for the Great British Cycling Team. During my time, I was fortunate to ride alongside some of the best athletes in the world and to be supported by some of the greatest coaches and leaders in sport.

Before specialising in track cycling, I rode for a pro continental road team, but the majority of my career saw me riding for UK-based continental road teams. I always loved the short, punchy crit racing scene; I excelled in crits, winning a number of races and titles at home and abroad. 

I wasn’t from a cycling background or a bike-mad family, but as a youngster I loved the freedom and independence I got from cycling. I loved the skills side of mountain biking in particular. At 16, I was picked up by British Cycling’s Talent Team and from there, progressed through the ranks to podium-level athlete. 

Even today, I love everything two wheels; motorbikes, trials bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, road and track. In fact, now I am retired, I love riding bikes more than ever! I don’t miss the power cranks and heart rate monitors – I really appreciate the freedom and fun of playing on my bikes, just like I did as a kid! 

I still maintain a great relationship with British Cycling, and currently work as a consultant for their Research & Innovation team and their commercial team. I am also working part-time with Great Britain Triathlon to support athletes skills and technical development for the cycling portion of the event. 

My work keeps me busy, but when I do have the time you will find me outside on some form of bike! I’m fortunate to live in an area with beautiful scenery and challenging roads (and off roads). It’s a cyclist’s dream in Yorkshire. 

20 years riding for the Great British Cycling Team. 3 times Olympic gold medalist, once bronze medalist, 6 times World Champion and European Champion.


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