Grace Garner

Hello I am Grace. I progressed through the British cycling programme until representing Great Britain both on the track and road. Becoming Junior European champion on the track and eventually turning professional for Wiggle High5 Pro cycling. I have raced some of the most iconic races on the womens calendar and been team mates with some of the worlds best.

I started cycling when I was very young and started racing for a club at around 9 years old. My grandparents were competitive racing cyclists at a local level and my dad and uncle also did a lot of cycling. We were brought up around bikes and I had my sisters (Lucy van Der Haar) path to follow which really inspired me. I enjoy the places cycling has taken me and also the friends it has given me.

Today I am a nail technician so I work in a beauty salon. It’s a creative outlet for me and has been for a long time. I also like to help out at the local Women’s cycling coaching sessions. Other than nails and cycling you will find me walking my dog on the lovely walks I have near my house.

I am driven to create a happy and peaceful life for myself and my family. I’m inspired by the friends and family I have around me. I strive to have a happy balance of work and rest; after stopping racing this has been very important to me.

Representing Great Britain on track and road. Junior European champion on the track. Professional at Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling.


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