Tom Leezer

Probably best known for his impressive attack in the final kilometers of the world championship in Qatar. A specialist in windy races and so called échelon’s and loving the strategy in cycling, Tom was part of the professional peloton for 13 years.

Tom has been riding for the famous Dutch teams Rabobank and JumboVisma and participated in alle of the grand tours and monuments. Often working towards the team goals, he took home a stage win of the tour of Langkawi.

Having a heart for technique and sustainability, he founded his own company after his career. Nowadays he spends most of his time in creating a circular model for his cycling clothing brand, Velor.

Still being passionate about the game of cycling he is still riding and
testing his products a lot. With Tom you will be up for a fun ride with some great chats!

Thirteen years professional at Team Rabobank and Team Jumbo Visma. Stage winner of Tour de Langkawi. Four times at Le Tour de France, 8 times at Milano San Remo, 7 times at Paris Roubaix.

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