Safety measures

Before the ride
Although we always take care to our best possibilities of our customers’ safety, participation always remains at your own risk.

  • Customers must always have a valid insurance and be self-insured, also specifically covered for personal injuries as a consequence of a cycling activity.
  • Good health is required. In case of a fever or illness on the evening before the ride or on the day itself, you are not allowed to participate.
  • Customers must always take notion of predicted weather conditions and take care of adequate clothing.
  • Participants are responsible for their own materials to be in good condition.

During the ride

  • Ridemeister rides are not a race, nor will they be an official race.
  • Local traffic rules must be respected at all times.
  • Bike paths where present should always be used.
  • As a group there should always be a paired riding formation. In case of busy or narrow traffic conditions this can be changed into single riders in succession, with the ridemeister leading the group.
  • The maximum size of the group is 8 riders including the ridemeister.
  • No alcohol is allowed before or during the ride, this includes breaks during the ride.
  • Every participant must bring one or more inner tubes.
  • Your ridemeister will always be able to provide a pump, toolkit and chain tool.
  • Your ridemeister will clearly indicate route directions during the ride.
  • Your ridemeister will choose the most beautiful and safest roads. Dangerous roads are avoided.
  • As a riding group everyone should participate in a system of mutual warnings for traffic and road obstructions. Your ridemeister will clearly brief the instructions.
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